How I Got Here

I’ve always operated as a facilitator that believes life is about being the best version of you. It all started in Chicago, an only child born in the 70's to a large Puerto Rican family. Many of my influences came from my dynamic parents who were very young when they had me. My father was a DJ at the hottest club in town and my mom was the hostess with mostess always making sure life was in order and the home looked it's best. Together they had a mutual love for music and interior design but most of all they deeply loved their family and were always ready to help in any way possible. It was with my family I quickly learned that

  • Truth is self-evident (whether you can take it or not)

  • Not taking yourself seriously is your ultimate companion and laughing is essential.

  • Giving is the best gift ever!

  • You have to step in front of vulnerability rather than live behind it. 

It was during these epic family get-togethers that I learned the art of people watching and body language. Although naturally I had a love for music and design, my biggest passion was my genuine curiosity of how the mind works and what makes us behave as we do. I was the introverted kid during these get-togethers and there is a lot to be seen when you're the quiet one. I was the kid that yes, loved Mr. Rogers neighborhood (google it if you need to) but I also watched those PBS specials hosting Dr. Wayne Dwyer. My hobby growing up was seeking insight into human behavior. If you only knew how many self-help books, seminars or endless hours of audiobooks I've digested. I just knew one day I would be a Psychologist. 

So what does a child brought up in this nature decide to do as an adult...I became a musician, ridiculous right! Music was always around me, so it was where my confidence grew the most, making it easy to attempt as a career. I enrolled in music courses in Colombia College when I quickly found out that I enjoyed it as a hobby and not as a career.

Great! So now what do I do? I transferred to University of Illinois in Chicago and decided to major in Psychology. I was there for two years but left due to finances, which resulted in a deflated ego. That deflated ego can be a serious dream killer. I found myself working various jobs that had a common need for helping people and finding solutions. Still feeling unsatisfied, I enrolled in Harrington College of Interior Design and received my BFA knowing that I was on my way to living a fulfilled life because I had finally gotten on track to what I wanted to do, nope wrong again. 

I wasn't doing the type of interior work that I'm most intrigued in. I realized that music and design are just a portion of what I enjoy contributing my creative talents towards but my real passion is in experiencing the beauty of laughter and the joy of people accomplishing their personal achievements. I get such a kick out of seeing people finding their source of happiness.

Remember the deflated ego I had. I realized that it was what stopped me from living out who I really am. I help people figure their sh*t out. I've been doing it most of my life. I was always captivated by the Life Coaching industry but thought who the hell wants to be a Life Coach it sounds ridiculous and not a "real career". My truth was that is it's exactly what I do, so I took a risk and I launched my life coaching business with no credentials, no experience, just a genuine love for helping people figure sh*t out and I f*ckin love it! 

If you know me, you know I don't half-ass anything. So understanding how things work in this world I followed up with some real training and acquired my Certification as a Strategic Interventionists.

Yes, it makes me better skilled at what I do and more job worthy employable but its all my experience with people and my natural skills of being able to see your truth is what I'm most proud of. My personal view is that my life is no different than yours, it's based on what does and doesn't work. 


I think my Instagram account speaks for who I am. Take a look to get a better idea of who I am see if feel in alignment with my style.