Music and it's power of healing. 

Since a child, music has always been an important part of my upbringing. I'm sure many of you can relate. The pre-teen and teenage years are when we attach ourselves to songs because either the lyrics pull at our emotions or the rhythms make us want to learn our personal groove. I often imagine like in the movies I have an instant backdrop song playing as a reflection during life moments as my theme music. I can admit that finding music was easy in the earlier years and well iTunes used to be easy until it became to complex. Who has time to keep all that imported music organized! Thankfully through the power of technology and competition, we now have access to other sources in obtaining that one song that you just have to have. Spotify has become my all time favorite as it takes the searching for new material out of my hands and suggests based on listening history or the ability to quickly find that song you forgot existed. Every now and then I get to listen to my Discover weekly and just click away creating various playlists. This particular playlist is one that I use to power through on those days that I may need an extra boost or pick me up. On occasion, I will share these songs in hopes that maybe one might connect with you and become part of your personal theme music. I encourage you to either pull out that power playlist or get one started as music has the power to heal and everyone should have a playlist that reflects thier personal journey. 

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