Resolutions and You

It's that time of the year where we wrap ourselves up in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. As the new year approaches we get motivated to create our ever so passionate New Year's Resolution.  

A resolution that at first seems doable because, why shouldn't it be?  We made the commitment, we've prepped with our list and we're more determined because we have a fresh 365 days to complete this "goal".

Then the race begins...., January we start out rocking! By mid-February, some steam starts to fade. Soon March comes around and the commitment that was made with such assertiveness seems a distant memory.  Does this all sound too familiar? I've done it. In fact, what inspired this post was a list I came across from last year that I forgot I even created. Way to go on committing to my New Year Resolution. So I decided to take a different approach this year and I'm putting it out there for anyone else to try.

For starters be honest with yourself. Really dig down deep and ask yourself why do you want to make these commitments, what emotional attachment do they hold to who you are or your core beliefs. In order to connect to your goal it has to be a must rather than an I think I would like that mentality. If the goal has no deep emotional connection then it will be easier to disconnect from it and let your will-power just dwindle.

Your next action is the list but not just a list. When you think about making a list, don't approach it like you would when you're buying groceries or running errands. In fact, it really shouldn't be considered a list, what you're writing out is a plan. Remember, without the plan, there is no overall vision.

Begin with the end in mind
— Stephen Covey

Start your vision with the big picture in mind and then work backwards from there in creating a S.M.A.R.T. plan. This will enable you to break down the big picture to actual details that are needed to make your goals attainable.

Start with being specific and as detailed as you could be. If you're goal is something like lose weight, get more concrete about that goal. Ask how much weight or do you want to become more tone, more athletic, feel healthier, etc. If you're vague in the details then how will you even know what you're really after. Remember, this is where you break down the big picture.

Next is Measurable, it's important that you can see the results as you progress. Not all goals are visually tangible. Creating a way to measure your progress gives you feedback. Decide how you're going to measure your progress and stick to it. This will also help you in making the goal manageable.

Attainable, this is the part where you have to be extremely honest with yourself again. Is this something that is within your reach of accomplishing? This is not about feeling discouraged if you realize you can't, it's about being honest with yourself so that you can revise in such a way to feel great about the achievement. Set the goal that you know is really possible.

Now that you've been honest in your attainment of your goal, it's time to be  Realistic. Attainable and realistic seem like the same thing, but they're not. Realistic is where you decide if you can make this happen. What will your goal require you to adjust your life towards supporting you focusing on achieving your new goal. Basically what part of your life are switching up to make room for your goal.

Now it's time for  Timely, this is where you draw the finish line! It's when will you expect to celebrate your new accomplishment. The best part is because you did all the detailed work above, setting this date should not be impossible. If you were specific, measurable, attainable and realistic then deciding the end date should not be a challenge. If it is, then refine your answers to the point where a due date is the least of your worries.

See the trick is, that the more detailed information that you add to this plan then by default you become emotionally invested. So now you've connected to your goal and have switched gears to a must mentality rather than I think. ; )

To get started on your resolution use the worksheet I provided and see what goals you decide to get ready, set and Happy New Year!