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How I help

I'm committed to helping you live out the best version of you. If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, then there is room in your life for a Life Strategist. Consider me your life coach that operates as; part consultant, part motivational speaker and part confidant, part accountability partner. Through a collaborative relationship, you align your actions to get you dependable results. You will learn how to:

  • Taking more effective and focused actions immediately

  • Stop procrastination and embrace accountability.

  • No longer putting up with petty annoyances

  • Creating momentum so it’s easier to get results

  • Setting achievable goals based on what you really want

  • Having more time and energy



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What I do

I’m in the business of having conversations. Conversations that allow you to connect to your authentic self, from where you will shift your paradigm to create a reframed path of opportunities. Conversations = magic and together we engage in this magic. The work happens in a series of monthly sessions where you learn how to install effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines, such as; Ericksonian Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Human Needs Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Neurolinguistics, Psychology of Persuasion, Strategic Studies, Traditions of Diplomacy, Negotiation


Who I Am

My name is Jenille Ramos and I’ve always operated as an empath that believes life is about being the best version of oneself and the ability to embrace reinvention is key. An only child, I grew up in the ’70s in a semi city/hippie atmosphere into a large Puerto Rican family that provided me with plenty of opportunities to engage with others, people watch and master the art of listening and observing body language. It was with my family I quickly learned that 

  • Truth is self-evident (whether you can take it or not).

  • Not taking yourself seriously is your ultimate companion.

  • Laughing is essential.

  • Giving is the best gift ever!

  • You have to step in front of vulnerability rather than live behind it if you really want to grow.

My path to becoming a life coach was not a direct one. Many of our influences come from home as mine did. My parents had a mutual love for music, a well-decorated home but most important was their love for people and being around family. As a result, I instead became an introverted type, that loved music and kept the most organized well put together room ever. Being an empath, it was always a challenge to be around people but I also loved observing human behavior. PBS became my favorite tv channel, yes I loved Mr. Rogers neighborhood (google it if you need to) along with Dr. Wayne Dwyer. If you only knew how many self-help books, seminars or endless hours of audiobooks I've digested as a result of being hooked to Dr. Dwyer. It’s in this realm that I have always felt most comfortable but it took me a bit to embrace that within myself.

As an adult I became a musician since music was always around me, it was where my confidence grew the most. After graduating from Metro High School I enrolled in the music program at Colombia College in Chicago. I quickly figured out that I enjoyed it as a hobby and not as a career.

Great! So now what do I do? I transferred to the University of Illinois in Chicago and decided to major in Psychology. I just knew I was in my wheelhouse but unfortunately had to leave after two years due to finances, which resulted in a deflated ego. That deflated ego can be a serious dream killer. I found myself distracted and working in various jobs that had a common need for helping people and finding solutions. Many years later, still feeling unsatisfied, I enrolled in Harrington College of Interior Design. Remember that well-decorated home I grew up in, I was sure a career in Interior Design was the solution. I received my BFA knowing that I was on my way to living a fulfilled life because I had finally gotten on track to what I wanted to do. I worked in Residential and Commercial Design only to find that it was also more a hobby and not my passion. I wasn't doing the type of interior work that I'm most intrigued in. 

Music and Design are just a portion of what I enjoy contributing my creative talents towards but my real passion is in experiencing the beauty of joy and laughter from people accomplishing their personal achievements. I get such a kick out of seeing people finding their source of happiness. I learned from a very young age how to see beyond what people feel comfortable showing of themselves. When I say I’m an empath, I really mean it. It’s taken me years to feel comfortable embracing this side of myself let alone be comfortable letting others be themselves and fine-tune how to actually help rather than just absorb.

My deflated ego was what stopped me from living out who I really am. I help people figure their sh*t out. I've been doing it most of my life. I was always captivated by the Life Coaching industry but thought who the hell wants to be a Life Coach it sounds ridiculous and not a "real career". My truth was that is it's exactly what I do, so I took a risk and I launched my life coaching business with no credentials, no experience, just a genuine love for helping people figure sh*t out and I f*ckin love it! If you know me, you know I don't half-ass anything. I followed up with some real training and acquired my Certification as a Strategic Interventionists.

Yes, it makes me better skilled at what I do but its all my experience with people and my natural skills of being able to see your truth is what I'm most proud of. My personal view is that my life is no different from yours, it's based on what does and doesn't work. 



Jenille really cares - she’s willing to share stories from her life that made putting her suggestions into play in mine much easier. You can also tell that helping others is a real passion for her - not just a business. Her genuineness and openness made the whole process very enjoyable and satisfying.
From the beginning, I could tell I would click with her. She was really easy to speak to (not always an easy thing for me), and I could tell she’d help me get past my own b.s. She also was very concerned w/balance in the overall person — which eventually encouraged me to work not only on my work side of but the personal side as well.

Do you deserve to breath, the answer is Hell Yes!